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Industry Slip Ring

CENO's industry slip rings are mostly to be applied in industry.Integrated slip ring includes power integrate signal,pneumatic,hydraulic,fiber optic rotary joint and RF rotary joint.CENO is capable of building such complex slip rings.
  • Through Hole Slip Ring Inner Hole Diameter 127mm Stainless Food Process Machine

    ECN127-06s Inner hole diameter is 127mm , belonging to the large through hole slip ring.Its design is used in food processing equipment, the spindle material is stainless steel design slip ring with long lifespan.
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  • Ethernet Slip Ring to be used In storage Transportation Equipment

    The Ethernet slip ring ECN000-26P2-082-01EM is designed by CENO, who takes into account the requirements of EMC electromagnetic compatibility and signal impedance matching in the design, so that the signal transmission loss is small, no error code, and with long distance...
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  • Carbon Brush For Environment Protection Equipment

    With the increasing awareness of global environmental rotection,human consciousness reduces the harm of natural activities such as production, life and other social activity. So there are many protection equipment widely using different field, such as var ious types of sewage...
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  • Small size drone slip rings/uav slip rings has outer diameter 5.5mm & 6.5mm optional

    CENO’s minimum small size slip ring has 5.5mm outside diameter.Although the production processing is difficult,user still knee on this model,especial for UAV application.The outstanding characteristics of the slip ring for drone is the compact size.Thus,this series small size...
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  • Motion simulator slip ring has multi-channel up to 200 channels

    CENO is very experienced in turntable slip ring design and manufacture.In some industries,turntable is also called as rate table.The feature of the turntable slip ring is multi signal mixed in one slip ring and there are power current combined simultaneously.The technology...
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  • Through Hole Slip Ring For Medical Equipment

    CENO produces through hole slip ring for CT machine of medical device, according to the medical device with high resolution, high sensitivity, stable performance requirements.Medical equipment in the CT machine is a fully functional condition detecting instrument, it is...
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  • Slip Ring Used In Motion Simulator

    Motion simulator is the main equipment for detecting and evaluating the gyroscope and acceleration sensor in flight control system.When the aircraft control system carries out semi-physical simulation, sensitive components such as gyroscope and acceleration sensor are placed...
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  • Slip Ring For Robot

    In the era of industrialization, Robot not only reduces manpower operation, improves work efficiency, but also avoids human error. Capsule slip ring of CENO is widely used in the robot's process and is widely used in the robot's arms and joints. This kind of capsule...
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  • Explosion-proof Slip Ring Used In Drilling Platform

    With the development and utilization of oil and gas resources, The work of exploration and development from the land to the ocean,therefore, drilling operations must also be carried out in a vast ocean. The platform crane as an important part of drilling platform for...
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  • HDMI Signal Slipring For Lithium Electricity Equipment

    HDMI HD Video signal with USB2.0 high-speed digital signal and current ring , Ecn0001-04p1-02u2-01HD that is one kind of multi-function slip ring, which . It meet EMC electronicmagnetic compatibility. Its video specifications up to 2k@90hz standards, meanwhile video...
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  • Turn Table Slip Ring With Current 50Amp

    High current slip ring with 50Amp current rating for turn table using.Stable power transmit and no arc risk on brush contact point.
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  • Centrifuge Slip Rings With Multi-channel For Transmitting Power And Various Signal

    Centrifuge slip rings belongs to multi-channel series slip ring in CENO's product classification.The channel number could be up to 300 channels.It integrates power channel and various signal channel like Gigabit Ethernet,RS,profibus and so forth into one slip ring body....
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All industry slip ring products are made in China and with CE, ISO9001 certificates. Welcome to shop online for famous brands' at affordable price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also support customized service.

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