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CENO's hydraulic rotary union and pneumatic rotary union are belongs to rotary union classification.The channel number up to 12 channel.Media could be water,oil,air,vacumme.. Connector type has 1/8',2/8',3/8' .
  • Electro And Gas-liquid Rotary Joint
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    Electro And Gas-liquid Rotary Joint

    Electric slip ring and gas-liquid rotary joint combined slip ring is designed for some special applications that require both electric ring and gas-liquid rotary joint. CENO takes advantage of its own technical advantages to developed this kind of slip ring, which is more...
  • Liquid-Gas Rotary Joint
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    Liquid-Gas Rotary Joint

    Gas-liquid- rotary joint , also known as Gas-electric integrated slipring . CENO specially design gas-liquid slip-ring for certain industries.Gas-liquid-electric hybrid rotary joint can pass gas, such as vacuum, compressed air and other gases;and it could pass the liquid,...
  • Slip Ring-Hydraumatic & Pneumatic Rotary Joint
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    Slip Ring-Hydraumatic & Pneumatic Rotary Joint

    The gas-liquid rotary joint is used specially to transmit gas and liquid media, mainly including compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen, water, oil, coolant and so on.Rotary joints adopt different sealing methods according to different transmission media, mainly including gap...
All rotary union products are made in China and with CE, ISO9001 certificates. Welcome to shop online for famous brands' at affordable price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also support customized service.
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