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RF Rotary Joint

RF rotary joint is radio frequency rotary joint.The frequency range from DC-50Ghz.Its channel number from 1 to 5 channel are optional.Connector type could be matched according to user's demand.
  • Slip Ring Used In Radar - ECN038-06P2-12P

    As a radar antenna has the function of radio detection and ranging. Radio methods are used in detecting spatial location. Therefore, radar is also known as "radio location", and widely used many field. CENO as manufacturer of signal slip-ring, has been keeping...
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  • RF Rotary Joint With Multi-channel Signal

    This is one of CENO multi-channel RF rotary joint, combined electrical slip ring. It is applied in satellite communication. There are 4-channel high-frequency signals, which frequency up to 1.35ghz.Its insertion loss is less than 5.5dB, and isolation degree is less than 40dB....
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  • High Frequency Signal Coaxial Rotary Joint

    ECN004-04P-01S this is a high frequency signal coaxial rotary joint, reaching 900MHz signal frequency.It is a coaxial rotary joint of high frequency signal used in medical equipment. It is designed with one high frequency signal line and four ordinary signal lines.The...
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  • 3 Channel RF Rotary Joint With SMA Connector Interface

    3 channel rotary joint with 3GHz frequency range on each channel.The connection interface is SMA type.This is easy to connect end user's terminal.The connector type is also available to be changed as other types,depends on your demand. The basic specification is listed as...
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  • Radio frequency rotary joint with frequency range from 1ghz~50ghz

    RF Rotary joint RF rotary joints according to the principle of high frequency signal of skin effect and the transmission adopts the structure of the coaxial cable of the simulation, at the same time the internal key contact using imported high elastic wear-resisting material,...
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All RF rotary joint products are made in China and with CE, ISO9001 certificates. Welcome to shop online for famous brands' coaxial rotary joint, low frequency rotary joint, medium frequency rotary joint, high frequency rotary joint at affordable price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also support customized service.

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