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  • Power Slip Rings

    Power Slip Rings

    Power slip ring is one big series slip rings in CENO's products.It includes different shape slip ring,like through hole sliprings,capsule slip rings,solid slip rings and etc. The standard power load is 2Amp,5Amp,10Amp,15Amp,20Amp.All other bigger power could be designed and realized in CENO's slip rings.Different cables to corresponding power ring.
  • RF Rotary Joint

    RF Rotary Joint

    RF rotary joint is radio frequency rotary joint.The frequency range from DC-50Ghz.Its channel number from 1 to 5 channel are optional.Connector type could be matched according to user's demand.
  • Rotary Union

    Rotary Union

    CENO's hydraulic rotary union and pneumatic rotary union are belongs to rotary union classification.The channel number up to 12 channel.Media could be water,oil,air,vacumme.. Connector type has 1/8',2/8',3/8' .
  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

    Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

    Fiber optic rotary joint belongs to CENO's rotary joint classification.It has single mode and multi mode types.Channel number up to 22.For different applications,we will recommend different rotary joint which has specific parameter.If you can not find the suitable model from our website,feel free to contact us directly.
  • Function Slip Ring

    Function Slip Ring

    CENO's function slip ring contain many different slip ring which has specific function,like anti-water,explosion-proof,high definition,Ethernet,USB,RS,CAN-bus and so forth.They are usually to be required in certain special applications.
  • Industry Slip Ring

    Industry Slip Ring

    CENO's industry slip rings are mostly to be applied in industry.Integrated slip ring includes power integrate signal,pneumatic,hydraulic,fiber optic rotary joint and RF rotary joint.CENO is capable of building such complex slip rings.
  • Customized Slip Ring

    Customized Slip Ring

    Customized design option ● Marine environment ● High current High voltage ● HD-SDI HDMI ● Ethernet USB High speed rate ● CANBUS ProfiBus ● Fiber optical rotary joint Channel number up to 48 channels ● RF rotary joint Frequency up to 50GHz ● IP protection IP68 ● Pneumatic Hydraulic Explosion-proof ● High altitude Strong vibration Strong impact Low temperature
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