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  • Fiber Rotary Joint Two Channel

    Optical fib er slip-ring, optical fiber rotary connector, also known as optical fiber rotary connector and optical fiber as data transmission media. Which provides the best solution for solving the super-capacity data and signals between the system components of rotary...
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  • Through Hole Slip Ring Inner Hole Diameter 127mm Stainless Food Process Machine

    ECN127-06s Inner hole diameter is 127mm , belonging to the large through hole slip ring.Its design is used in food processing equipment, the spindle material is stainless steel design slip ring with long lifespan.
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  • Capsule Slip Ring Used In Camera BCN-12U

    BCN-12U slip ring is designed for camera equipment by CENO in term of camera small installation place and wide angle of rotation requirement. This capsule slip ring gets 6 channels signal and easy to connect with customer’s equipment by PIN inserting. This slip ring adopts...
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  • ACN025-24P-01R High Definition Slip Ring

    ACN025-24P-01R is one of HDMI series slipring,which developed by CENO for video monitoring equipment.This slip-ring design has 1 channel of high definision with a speed of 3Gbps signal, 24 channels of current. It transmits simultaneously HD video signal, high data rate...
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  • Ethernet Slip Ring to be used In storage Transportation Equipment

    The Ethernet slip ring ECN000-26P2-082-01EM is designed by CENO, who takes into account the requirements of EMC electromagnetic compatibility and signal impedance matching in the design, so that the signal transmission loss is small, no error code, and with long distance...
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  • Power slip rings integrates pneumatic rotary union

    Electric slip ring and gas-liquid rotary joint combined slip ring is designed for some special applications that require both electric ring and gas-liquid rotary joint. CENO takes advantage of its own technical advantages to developed this kind of slip ring, which is more...
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  • USB Rotary Joint aluminium female connector

    USB Slipring- ECN000- U2 USB is a serial port to connect computer system and external equipment. It also is a kind of input or output interface specification, then it is widely used in personal computers and mobile devices, such as information and communication products, and...
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  • HD Slip Ring --- ECN000-02HD

    This kind of slip ring is specially designed for SDI high definition signal transmission. It provides the best design scheme for solving high definition signal transmission between rotating connected system components.It adopt digital video, high definition and multimedia...
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  • Ethernet Slip Ring ECN000-02EG

    Ethernet slip ring is designed for transmission of 100M/1000M Ethernet signals, with stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, small return loss, low insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability . Meanwhile it support POE. T his kind Ethernet slip ring of CENO...
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  • Liquid-Gas Rotary Joint

    Gas-liquid- rotary joint , also known as Gas-electric integrated slipring . CENO specially design gas-liquid slip-ring for certain industries.Gas-liquid-electric hybrid rotary joint can pass gas, such as vacuum, compressed air and other gases;and it could pass the liquid,...
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  • Slip Ring-Hydraumatic & Pneumatic Rotary Joint

    The gas-liquid rotary joint is used specially to transmit gas and liquid media, mainly including compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen, water, oil, coolant and so on.Rotary joints adopt different sealing methods according to different transmission media, mainly including gap...
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  • Carbon Brush For Environment Protection Equipment

    With the increasing awareness of global environmental rotection,human consciousness reduces the harm of natural activities such as production, life and other social activity. So there are many protection equipment widely using different field, such as var ious types of sewage...
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