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  • Through Hole Slip Ring For Medical Equipment

    CENO produces through hole slip ring for CT machine of medical device, according to the medical device with high resolution, high sensitivity, stable performance requirements.Medical equipment in the CT machine is a fully functional condition detecting instrument, it is...
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  • Slip Ring Used In Motion Simulator

    Motion simulator is the main equipment for detecting and evaluating the gyroscope and acceleration sensor in flight control system.When the aircraft control system carries out semi-physical simulation, sensitive components such as gyroscope and acceleration sensor are placed...
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  • Slip Ring For Robot

    In the era of industrialization, Robot not only reduces manpower operation, improves work efficiency, but also avoids human error. Capsule slip ring of CENO is widely used in the robot's process and is widely used in the robot's arms and joints. This kind of capsule...
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  • Detection Equipment Need High Speed Slip Ring

    In today's automation era, automated detection equipment is rapidly replacing labor for getting more efficiency ,saving time. So every automation requires more and more on detection equipment ,such as precision, stability,accurate measurement and easy operation,etc. Base...
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  • Explosion-proof Slip Ring Used In Drilling Platform

    With the development and utilization of oil and gas resources, The work of exploration and development from the land to the ocean,therefore, drilling operations must also be carried out in a vast ocean. The platform crane as an important part of drilling platform for...
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  • Low temperature And High Altitude Slip Ring-ECN088-04P1-44S

    It integrates currents and signals circuits, meanwhile it adopts anti-interference design, which meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility. This kind slipring of CENO with through hole diameter 88 mm, special design for the airborne systems. Thish kind of slip...
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  • Capsule Slip Ring In BCN012-02P2-06P

    This type of capsule slip ring’s character is small in size, compact in structure and long lifespan. It is designed with 2 channels 10A current and 6 channels of signal.It is installed in the joints of the robot, making sure various robot joints can rotate 360 ° unlimited.It...
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  • Conductive Slip Ring-Multi-channel

    The multi-channel collector ring is also called the conductive slip ring. As equipment, conductive slip ring structure compose of a brush,brush holder, carbon brush, brush constant pressure spring, phase switcher,conductive, axial flow fan,insulation pin,ring cover,etc. It is...
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  • Seperated Slip Ring

    Seperate slip ring adpots the design of seperated rotator and stator, its through hole is 360mm. This kind of seperate slip ring, specially designed for large size of ferris wheel. Resolve the big problem that the slip ring is not easy remove in the large size ferris....
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  • HDMI Signal Slipring For Lithium Electricity Equipment

    HDMI HD Video signal with USB2.0 high-speed digital signal and current ring , Ecn0001-04p1-02u2-01HD that is one kind of multi-function slip ring, which . It meet EMC electronicmagnetic compatibility. Its video specifications up to 2k@90hz standards, meanwhile video...
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  • Slip Ring with Temperature Measuring function

    ​CENO design the professional temperature measuring slipring, according the requirement of industrial automation applications. Its function includes thermocouple temperature measurement and Thermal resistance temperature measurement.The slip ring could be designed according...
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  • Low Temperature Slip Ring --ECN080-03P1-09S

    Low temperature slip ring could integrate pneumatic ,Hydraulic, fiber optional,RF rotary joint,USB,Ethernet ,etc,. to make sure the signal continuously and stably be transmitted from system to the satellite.
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