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  • No contact fiber rotary joints with long life and low rotation torque

    FCN Fiber optic rotary joint Series Fiber optic rotary joint provides the best solution for the data transmitting for rotary connections systems.It is suitable for application which needs transmitting large datas or signals from static device to rotary position when...
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  • Ethernet Slip Ring Used In Package Machine

    Ethernet is a technology designed for LAN communication. It specifies the contents of connection, electronic signal and media access layer protocol of physical layer.Ethernet is the most widely used LAN technology, which occupies a very important part in the field of...
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  • Small Size Slip Ring For Underwater Robot

    CENO small size slip-ring is widely used in various environmental protection equipment for water management and water environment protection, such as underwater robot. Then CENO small size slip ring which has made a great contribution for environment protection.The underwater...
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  • Radio frequency rotary joint with frequency range from 1ghz~50ghz

    RF Rotary joint RF rotary joints according to the principle of high frequency signal of skin effect and the transmission adopts the structure of the coaxial cable of the simulation, at the same time the internal key contact using imported high elastic wear-resisting material,...
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  • High speed hollow shaft slip ring with flexible 12mm-100mm through hole in automatic system

    ECN Series From 3mm to 5000mm though hole size are optional.Strong design and manufacture capability for this series of slip rings.Various signal such as Ethernet gigabit,USB3.0,HDMI,SDI,canbus,profibus,RS and power are easy to integrated into one slip rings to fulfill...
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  • Capsule Slip Ring Use In Agriculture Fertilizer Sprayer UAV

    one of CENO capsule slipring for fertilizer sprayer UAV.This slip design taking into account the corrosion of pesticides, and the weather for producing fruit trees or crop bases, the slip ring adopts the anti-corrosion material and the high and low temperature slip ring...
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  • Capsule Slipring For Security Monitor CCTV

    Security monitoring slip ring has many advantage characteristics,including small current, low torque, low electrical noise, low loss, maintenance free and so on.CENO ACN & BCN series capsule slip ring is mainly used for security monitoring applications, in which ACN...
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  • Servo Motor Encoding Slip Ring

    Servo motor encoding slip ring ECN000-04P2-12S The servo motor encoding slip ring of CENO is designed specifically for the laser testing equipment. For making the weak and easily interfered encoder signals could be transmitted correctly through the slip ring, CENO do...
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  • Pancake Slip Ring with PCB PSCN022-06P

    Separate pancake slip ring belongs to pancake series slip ring.Its outline is different from the integrated pancake slip ring due to the separate structure.It is usually to be required on certain installation space which has no more height room,but normally the the rotation...
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  • Signal Slip Rings Used In Airborne

    Ensuring accurate navigation and flight safety , airborne requires that signal slip ring has antenna platform stabilization system or data stability specific, as its basic principle and composition of airborne radar is the same as that of other military radars. Radar antenna...
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  • Slip Ring For Radar - ECN038-06P2-12P

    As a radar antenna has the function of radio detection and ranging. Radio methods are used in detecting spatial location. Therefore, radar is also known as "radio location", and widely used many field. CENO as manufacturer of signal slip-ring, has been keeping...
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  • HD Slip Ring For Security Monitor

    High Definition(HD)slip ring of CENO,it according to high definition security monitor equipment characteristics design.The current value can be designed to comply with the power supply requirement in infrared lamp of highdefinition security monitor.The designer should know...
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