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  • Slip Ring-for Moving Medium Equipment

    Slip ring-Low temperature signal The slipring with the characteristic of low temperature and signal ring is specially customized for the products of the Moving medium products product, which is mainly application in the emergency communication system. For ensuring the product...
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  • High Frequency Signal Coaxial Rotary Joint

    ECN004-04P-01S this is a high frequency signal coaxial rotary joint, reaching 900MHz signal frequency.It is a coaxial rotary joint of high frequency signal used in medical equipment. It is designed with one high frequency signal line and four ordinary signal lines.The...
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  • Encoder Signal Slip Ring With 12 Channel Signal

    CENO Electronics Technology co.,Ltd is one manufacturer of rotary joint for various industries.Many application industries have different requirements for slip-ring, some industries have requirements for precise positioning and require encoder signals when customizing...
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  • Slip Ring-used In Marine Equipment---BHCN-C-07P-42S

    The working environment at sea is worse than on land.In order to ensure the safety of offshore operations, the offshore equipment is required to have a kind of slip ring with the characteristics of high protection grade such as salt fog resistance, acid resistance and...
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  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint---FCN03-10B

    Fiber Optical Rotary Joint FCN03-10B Fiber optical rotary joint ca n perfectly transmits large volume data/signal when it 360°rotating. It can improve mechanical property, simplify system operation and avoid destroying fiber optic, also could integrate hydraulic , pneumatic,...
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  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint With Two Multi-mode and 34 channel signal

    ECN000-01P-11P2-34S-02F , one of CENO’s fiber optical rotary joint is designed for motion simulator industry.It adopts two multi-mode optical fiber rotary joints, not affected by vibration, humidity, heat, magnetic or other typical interference.This fiber optic slip-ring is...
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  • Separated Commutator

    CENO’s produces of slip ring (commutator)is widely used in electromechanical equipment, which requires unrestricted rotation when it operation to transmit power, signal and data information,etc,.The separated commutator is a kind of electric slip ring, and the stator and...
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  • Satellite Communication System/RF Rotary Joint

    RF Rotary joint used in satellite communication system The rotary joints of CENO,to making sure radio waves of the satellite communication system are covered with a wide range ,reliability and fast opening new circuit .The same channel can be used for different directions or...
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  • 3 Channel RF Rotary Joint With SMA Connector Interface

    3 channel rotary joint with 3GHz frequency range on each channel.The connection interface is SMA type.This is easy to connect end user's terminal.The connector type is also available to be changed as other types,depends on your demand. The basic specification is listed as...
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  • Thermocouple Electric Rotary Joint

    CENO is a slip-ring manufacturer , which designs and manufactures electric rotary joint for different of automation industry. CENO keep continuously getting improvement in electric rotary joint techniques. Because this is the age of automation, many industries have replaced...
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  • Pneumatic Rotary Union For Wire Drawing Equipment

    CENO as slip ring manufacturer, keeps continuous innovation for all industry applications.Electric slip ring rotary union, including pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joint.Qcn0201-85-08p-04s-02eg is a pneumatic slip ring integrated with electrical and signal data and Ethernet...
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  • Fiber Brush Slip Rings For 100Amp Transmitting With Compact Size

    This through hole slip rings has 96mm through hole.The current rating is 100Amp per circuit and CENO adopts fiber brush technology to realize compact size.At the same time,the current is stable and reliable to be transmitted via the slip ring.
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