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  • Multi-channel Connector 240 Channel With 2A

    This multi-channels slip ring, mainly used in lithium, military, turntable, radar and automation industries. This product has 240 channels, each route 2A. The total length of the body can be customized as request.
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  • Liquid-Gas Rotary Joint

    Gas-liquid- rotary joint , also known as Gas-electric integrated slipring . CENO specially design gas-liquid slip-ring for certain industries.Gas-liquid-electric hybrid rotary joint can pass gas, such as vacuum, compressed air and other gases;and it could pass the liquid,...
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  • Slip Ring-Hydraumatic & Pneumatic Rotary Joint

    The gas-liquid rotary joint is used specially to transmit gas and liquid media, mainly including compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen, water, oil, coolant and so on.Rotary joints adopt different sealing methods according to different transmission media, mainly including gap...
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  • Multi-channel Slip Ring With 1500mm Wire Length

    ECN000-80P is a multi-channel slip ring for turntable equipment. There are 80 circuits with 2A current .It can rotate at 200rpm at temperatures ranging from minus 20 degree centigrade to 80 degree centigrade . The line length of the rotor and stator is customized at 1500 mm...
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  • Waterproof Rotary Joint With Inner Diameter 25mm

    CENO is a manufacturer of conduct rotary joint .The waterproof grade of rotary jo i nt is designed according to customer's requirement.Ecn025-12p3, this waterproof rotary joint is designed at IP65 for mud scraper in environmental protection industry. E CN 025-12 P 3 inner...
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  • Carbon Brush For Environment Protection Equipment

    With the increasing awareness of global environmental rotection,human consciousness reduces the harm of natural activities such as production, life and other social activity. So there are many protection equipment widely using different field, such as var ious types of sewage...
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  • Slip Ring--Temperature Measuring

    According the requirment of industrial automation applications, CENO design the professional temperature measuring slipring. Its function includes thermocouple temperature measurement and Thermal resistance temperature measurement.The slip ring could be designed according to...
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  • Separated Slip Ring Used In Intelligent Door Lock

    Intelligent door lock has become a popular trend for the present. CENO’s separated slip ring is now available in this area.PCN022-06P, is one of CENO separate slip ring, applied in intelligent door locks. According the application, this kind of slip ring through hole diameter...
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  • HD-SDI Slip Ring

    CCN09P, this capsule slip ring with diameter in10.5mm is developed by CENO for pipe inspection camera. It integrates 1 channel 1080P@30Hz HD video and multichannel RS232 signal. Its characteristic are small size, low electrical noise, easy installation, , stable performance,...
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  • USB Slip Ring--ECN038-04P2-01EG

    USB slip-ring of CENO's design has a male and female connector plug directly,which is convenient to connect with the customer equipment.It can not only transmit multiplexed signals and currents, but also equipped with amplifying modules such as HUB to improve the...
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  • RF Rotary Joint With Multi-channel Signal

    This is one of CENO multi-channel RF rotary joint, combined electrical slip ring. It is applied in satellite communication. There are 4-channel high-frequency signals, which frequency up to 1.35ghz.Its insertion loss is less than 5.5dB, and isolation degree is less than 40dB....
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  • Slip Ring Used In Radar - ECN038-06P2-12P

    As a radar antenna has the function of radio detection and ranging. Radio methods are used in detecting spatial location. Therefore, radar is also known as "radio location", and widely used many field. CENO as manufacturer of signal slip-ring, has been keeping...
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