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Slip Rings With 120mm Through Hole

Slip Rings With 120mm Through Hole

The slip ring has stainless steel housing and 120mm through hole size.

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The advantage of this slip ring is stainless steel housing and 120mm through hole size.At the same time,the protection grade up to IP65.It can be used on some automatic machinery,like packaging machinery for filling use.

Protection(IP   Grade):IP65Big through hole slip ring.jpg
Working   Humidity:90% RH
Working   Temperature:-20~+80
Wire Spec:0.75mm²
Rated Voltage:380VAC
Circuit &   Current 4 circuit * 5A
Dielectrical   Strength: Between 2 circuit 1000V @50Hz
Insulation   Resistance:500M @ 500VDC
Electrical   Noise:70m(50rpm)
Rotating   Speed:0-250rpm
Contact   Material:Precious metal
Housing   Material:Stainless steel
Diameter:Ø 120mm

Typical   Application:

Packaging Machinery

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