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Power Slip Rings

Power slip ring is one big series slip rings in CENO's products.It includes different shape slip ring,like through hole sliprings,capsule slip rings,solid slip rings and etc. The standard power load is 2Amp,5Amp,10Amp,15Amp,20Amp.All other bigger power could be designed and realized in CENO's slip rings.Different cables to corresponding power ring.
  • Pancake Slip Ring PCN031-04P

    Pancake slip ring PCN031-04P Pancake slip ring is the characteristic of small height and big diameter, so is called pancake slip ring or Disc slip ring. Which widely is used in a kind of system that requires special installation space for transmitting signal and power. This...
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  • Waterproof Slip Rings Used In Fountain

    Waterproof Slip Rings used in fountain According to the fountain working environment,CENO’s provides a kind of waterproof slipring, which works safely under water and accurately transmits signal , current ,eth ernet a nd so on for making sure fountain perfect performance. It...
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  • IP68 Waterproof Slip Ring -ECN060-02P-01S

    Protection grade up to IP68 with moderate rotational torque shlip ring. that its parameter (such as size , current and signal , etc. ) could be customized according to the slipring working environment requirements. And this model of ECN060-02P-01S integrated current and all...
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  • Special Slip Ring For Lithium Electric Injection Machine

    Special S lip ring for lithium electric injection machine For making the injection machine with lithium which could automatically feed in or out the material with high production efficiency, precise operation, convenient operation and reliability. CENO get a kind of slip...
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  • Carbon Brush Slip Rings With Current Load Range From 50Amp Up To 2000Amp

    Carbon brush slip ring is used to transmit large current.It could be range from 50Amp to 2000Amp.In the meantime,integrate signal module is also safe and easy due to CENO's professional design,to avoid interference between power module and signal module.The advantage of...
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  • Slip Rings With 120mm Through Hole

    The advantage of this slip ring is stainless steel housing and 120mm through hole size.At the same time,the protection grade up to IP65.It can be used on some automatic machinery,like packaging machinery for filling use.
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  • Separate Pancake Slip Rings With PCB Thickness

    Separate pancake slip ring belongs to pancake series slip ring.Its outline is different from the integrated pancake slip ring due to the separate structure.It is usually to be required on certain installation space which has no more height room,but normally the the rotation...
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  • Small size slip ring with metal housing and plastic housing has optional outside diameter from 5.5~25mm

    ACN,BCN,CCN,DCN Series small size slip ring Small size slip rings includes ACN,BCN,CCN,DCN for series.They have flexible spec options to fulfill the various and complex requirement of systems.We also call them capsule slip rings.Ring number are range from 2 rings up to 100...
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  • Mercury-free flat pin slip ring /plug slip rings without lead wire

    HCN Series Flat pin connection instead of flying lead wire to make connection more easy and they are fully compliant with environmental protection rule in Europe.Rating current up to 25A for single pin.The outline is similar to popular mercury slip rings.This marks they are...
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  • Pancake slip ring with extremely thickness for total station

    PCN,PSCN Series As another form of though hole slip rings, pancake slip rings are designed for somewhere vertical space is limited while horizontal space is less restrictive.This type slip ring provides ultrathin thickness for special limited installation space.Thickness...
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  • High current carbon brush slip rings with separate carbon brush rotary joint

    Carbon brush slip rings Carbon brush slip ring is usually used for some circuits require high current for power using.It express some advantages like long life,easy maintenance.Although it is old traditional form for rotary joint,but it is also a good design solution for some...
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All power slip rings are made in China and with CE, ISO9001 certificates. Welcome to shop online for famous brands' rotory joint, slipring, slip ring, collector ring, commutator, electric slip rings at affordable price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also support customized service.

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