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Power Slip Rings

Power slip ring is one big series slip rings in CENO's products.It includes different shape slip ring,like through hole sliprings,capsule slip rings,solid slip rings and etc. The standard power load is 2Amp,5Amp,10Amp,15Amp,20Amp.All other bigger power could be designed and realized in CENO's slip rings.Different cables to corresponding power ring.
  • Capsule Slip Ring Used In Camera BCN-12U

    BCN-12U slip ring is designed for camera equipment by CENO in term of camera small installation place and wide angle of rotation requirement. This capsule slip ring gets 6 channels signal and easy to connect with customer’s equipment by PIN inserting. This slip ring adopts...
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  • ACN025-24P-01R High Definition Slip Ring

    ACN025-24P-01R is one of HDMI series slipring,which developed by CENO for video monitoring equipment.This slip-ring design has 1 channel of high definision with a speed of 3Gbps signal, 24 channels of current. It transmits simultaneously HD video signal, high data rate...
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  • Ethernet Slip Ring ECN000-02EG

    Ethernet slip ring is designed for transmission of 100M/1000M Ethernet signals, with stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, small return loss, low insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability . Meanwhile it support POE. T his kind Ethernet slip ring of CENO...
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  • Encoder Signal Slip Ring With 12 Channel Signal

    CENO Electronics Technology co.,Ltd is one manufacturer of rotary joint for various industries.Many application industries have different requirements for slip-ring, some industries have requirements for precise positioning and require encoder signals when customizing...
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  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint With Two Multi-mode and 34 channel signal

    ECN000-01P-11P2-34S-02F , one of CENO’s fiber optical rotary joint is designed for motion simulator industry.It adopts two multi-mode optical fiber rotary joints, not affected by vibration, humidity, heat, magnetic or other typical interference.This fiber optic slip-ring is...
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  • Separated Commutator

    CENO’s produces of slip ring (commutator)is widely used in electromechanical equipment, which requires unrestricted rotation when it operation to transmit power, signal and data information,etc,.The separated commutator is a kind of electric slip ring, and the stator and...
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  • Multi-channel Large Size Electric Slip Ring For Motion Simulator

    CENO as a electric slip ring manufacturer, the technical team is the best in the same industry in China.No matter from the development, design and production, technical team members are closely following up every project.CENO mainly do customized electric slip ring for the...
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  • Multi-channel Signal Capsule Swivel Connector

    Acn-94s this is a capsule swivel connector from CENO for the lithium industry. It has 94 signal channels, 88 for general signal and 6 for ultrasonic ranging signal.According to the precision requirements of the equipment, the multi-channel signal capsule swivel connector...
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  • Rotary Connector Works For Logging Winch

    BHCN-C-260-08P rotary connector with 260mm inner hole diameter belongs to CENO large size slip ring series.This large size rotary connector is customized according to the logging winch equipment (Logging cable trucks). It is copper graphite material inside Logging winch...
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  • Carbon Brush Slip Ring

    Carbon brush slip ring is usually used for some circuits require high current for power using.It express some advantages like long life,easy maintenance.Although it is old traditional form for rotary joint,but it is also a good design solution for some certain high power...
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  • Conductive Slip Ring In Environmental Protection Equipment

    Conductive slip ring is an important part of the mud scraper of environmental protection equipment.This kind of ECN045-06P rotary joint with through hole 45mm, 6 channel lines in 10A, speed according to the environmental protection equipment customized for 0~50RPM.However,...
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  • Low Temperature Slip Ring Used In Airborne Radar

    CN038-02- 11S - JZ , is one of CENO low temperature slip ring,which designs working for airborne radar. Because it work in bad working environment, at high altitude 16000m with minus 55℃. This low-temperature slip-ring signal line is made of wire conforming to EMC...
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All power slip rings are made in China and with CE, ISO9001 certificates. Welcome to shop online for famous brands' rotory joint, slipring, slip ring, collector ring, commutator, electric slip rings at affordable price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also support customized service.

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