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Power Slip Rings

Power slip ring is one big series slip rings in CENO's products.It includes different shape slip ring,like through hole sliprings,capsule slip rings,solid slip rings and etc. The standard power load is 2Amp,5Amp,10Amp,15Amp,20Amp.All other bigger power could be designed and realized in CENO's slip rings.Different cables to corresponding power ring.
  • Servo Motor Encoding Slip Ring
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    Servo Motor Encoding Slip Ring

    Servo motor encoding slip ring ECN000-04P2-12S The servo motor encoding slip ring of CENO is designed specifically for the laser testing equipment. For making the weak and easily interfered encoder signals could be transmitted correctly through the slip ring, CENO do...
  • Ethernet Slip Ring -ECN000-02EG
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    Ethernet Slip Ring -ECN000-02EG

    Ethernet slip ring is designed for transmission of 100M/1000M Ethernet signals, with stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, small return loss, low insertion loss, strong anti-interference ability . Meanwhile it support POE. T his kind Ethernet slip ring of CENO...
  • Pancake Slip Ring On -PSCN022-06P
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    Pancake Slip Ring On -PSCN022-06P

    Separate pancake slip ring belongs to pancake series slip ring.Its outline is different from the integrated pancake slip ring due to the separate structure.It is usually to be required on certain installation space which has no more height room,but normally the the rotation...
  • Signal Slip Rings Used In Airborne
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    Signal Slip Rings Used In Airborne

    Ensuring accurate navigation and flight safety , airborne requires that signal slip ring has antenna platform stabilization system or data stability specific, as its basic principle and composition of airborne radar is the same as that of other military radars. Radar antenna...
  • Slip Ring For Radar - ECN038-06P2-12P
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    Slip Ring For Radar - ECN038-06P2-12P

    As a radar antenna has the function of radio detection and ranging. Radio methods are used in detecting spatial location. Therefore, radar is also known as "radio location", and widely used many field. CENO as manufacturer of signal slip-ring, has been keeping...
  • HD Slip Ring For Security Monitor
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    HD Slip Ring For Security Monitor

    High Definition(HD)slip ring of CENO,it according to high definition security monitor equipment characteristics design.The current value can be designed to comply with the power supply requirement in infrared lamp of highdefinition security monitor.The designer should know...
  • Detection Equipment Need High Speed Slip Ring
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    Detection Equipment Need High Speed Slip Ring

    In today's automation era, automated detection equipment is rapidly replacing labor for getting more efficiency ,saving time. So every automation requires more and more on detection equipment ,such as precision, stability,accurate measurement and easy operation,etc. Base...
  • Capsule Slip Ring In BCN012-02P2-06P
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    Capsule Slip Ring In BCN012-02P2-06P

    This type of capsule slip ring’s character is small in size, compact in structure and long lifespan. It is designed with 2 channels 10A current and 6 channels of signal.It is installed in the joints of the robot, making sure various robot joints can rotate 360 ° unlimited.It...
  • Conductive Slip Ring-Multi-channel
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    Conductive Slip Ring-Multi-channel

    The multi-channel collector ring is also called the conductive slip ring. As equipment, conductive slip ring structure compose of a brush,brush holder, carbon brush, brush constant pressure spring, phase switcher,conductive, axial flow fan,insulation pin,ring cover,etc. It is...
  • Seperated Slip Ring
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    Seperated Slip Ring

    Seperate slip ring adpots the design of seperated rotator and stator, its through hole is 360mm. This kind of seperate slip ring, specially designed for large size of ferris wheel. Resolve the big problem that the slip ring is not easy remove in the large size ferris....
  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint FCN03-10B
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    Fiber Optical Rotary Joint FCN03-10B

    Fiber Optical Rotary Joint FCN03-10B Fiber optical rotary joint ca n perfectly transmits large volume data/signal when it 360°rotating. It can improve mechanical property, simplify system operation and avoid destroying fiber optic, also could integrate hydraulic , pneumatic,...
  • Pancake Slipring-PSCN022-06P
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    Pancake Slipring-PSCN022-06P

    The number of channel for the slip ring that could be designed according customer’s requirement, with small height, reliable contact, stable performance and easy maintenance.It has been applying for intelligent door lock, simulation turntable,missile and other systems. Model:...
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All power slip rings are made in China and with CE, ISO9001 certificates. Welcome to shop online for famous brands' rotory joint, slipring, slip ring, collector ring, commutator, electric slip rings at affordable price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also support customized service.
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