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  • Multi-channel RF Rotary Joint

    This is one of CENO multi-channel RF rotary joint. It is applied in satellite communication. There are 4-channel high-frequency signals which a frequency up to 1.35ghz, Its insertion loss is l
  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint 34 Channel Signal

    This fiber optic slip-ring is designed for high-speed data transmission and it can be used for networking over hundreds of kilometers.This fiber optic slip-ring is designed to integrate 46 power lines
  • Thermocouple Electric Rotary Joint

    ENO introduce one of thermocouple electric rotary joint, ECN040-04P-16S, its size, signal type and current line distribution can be OEM.
  • Pneumatic Rotary Union For Wire Drawing Equipment

    QCN0201-85-08P-04S-02EG is one of CENO pneumatic rotary 3union with shaft hole at diameter 85mm.Which is customized for wire drawing equipment. There are total 14 channel rings , among which 8 are pow
  • Multi-channel Large Size Electric Slip Ring For Motion Simulator

    CENO as a electric slip ring manufacturer, the technical team is the best in the same industry in China.No matter from the development, design and production, technical team members are closely follow
  • Capsule Slip Ring Use In Agriculture Fertilizer Sprayer UAV

    one of CENO capsule slipring for fertilizer sprayer UAV.This slip design taking into account the corrosion of pesticides, and the weather for producing fruit trees or crop bases, the slip ring adopts
  • High Definition Slip Ring--ACN025-24P-01R

    ACN025-24P-01R is one of HDMI series slipring,which developed by CENO for video monitoring equipment.This slip-ring design has 1 channel of high definition with a speed of 3Gbps signal, 24 channels of
  • Gas-liquid And Electro Rotary Joint

    Electric slip ring and gas-liquid rotary joint combined slip ring is designed for some special applications that require both electric ring and gas-liquid rotary joint. CENO takes advantage of its own
  • Servo Motor Encoding Slip Ring ECN000-04P2-12S

    The servo motor encoding slip ring of CENO is designed specifically for the laser testing equipment. For making the weak and easily interfered encoder signals could be transmitted correctly through th
  • High Definition Slip Ring --- ECN000-02HD

    This kind of slip ring is specially designed for SDI high definition signal transmission. It provides the best design scheme for solving high definition signal transmission between rotating connected
  • Ethernet Slip Ring Of ECN000-02EG

    Ethernet slip ring is designed for transmission of 100M/1000M Ethernet signals, with stable transmission, no packet loss, no string code, small return loss, low insertion loss, strong anti-interferenc
  • Gas-Fluid Rotary Joint

    Gas-liquid-rotary joint, also known as Gas-electric integrated slipring. CENO specially design gas-liquid slip-ring for certain industries.Gas-liquid-electric hybrid rotary joint can pass gas, such as
  • Seperated Slip Ring-SCN360-05P-01S

    This kind of seperate slip ring, specially designed for large size of ferris wheel. This seperate slip ring adpots the design of seperated rotator and stator, its through hole is 360mm. Resolve the bi
  • Multi-channel Conductive Slip Ring

    The multi-channel collector ring is also called the conductive slip ring. As equipment, conductive slip ring structure compose of a brush,brush holder, carbon brush, brush constant pressure spring, ph
  • Fiber Optic Slip Ring

    Fiber optic slip ring could be called fiber optic rotary joint, electro optical composite collector ring.Which adopts optical fiber as data transmission media, to transfer the data between the rotatin
  • Capsule Slip Ring -BCN012-02P2-06P

    This type of capsule slip ring’s character is small in size, compact in structure and long lifespan. It is designed with 2 channels 10A current and 6 channels of signal.It is installed in the joints o
  • Slip Ring Working In High Altitude And Lowtemperature-ECN088-04P1-44S

    This kind slipring with through hole diameter 88 mm, special design for the airborne systems. Thish kind of slip ring can work in the condition of the high altitude of 55000 feet and minus 55 ℃ temper
  • USB Slip Ring--ECN038-04P2-01EG

    USB slip-ring design has a male and female connector plug directly,which is convenient to connect with the customer equipment.It can not only transmit multiplexed signals and currents, but also equipp
  • High Speed Slip Ring - Detection Equipment

    In today's automation era, automated detection equipment is rapidly replacing labor for getting more efficiency ,saving time. So every automation requires more and more on detection equipment ,such as
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