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  • Multi-channel Signal RF Rotary Joint

    There are 4 channel high frequency signals with a frequency up to 1.35 GHZ. Its insertion loss is less than 5.5dB, isolation is less than 40dB.In addition.Meanwhile ,it integrates 24 channels of elect
  • Pneumatic Rotary Union

    A pneumatic rotary union is an electrical component that connects and transmits the current and signals of a rotating component.The pneumatic rotary union continuously rotates 360 degrees while transm
  • Collecting Ring

    Collecting ring is also called conducting ring, collecting ring,rotary joint , and so on. Which simplify the system structure and avoids twisting the wire during the relative rotation of the system.We
  • Multi-channel Signal Capsule Swivel Connector

    Acn-94s this is a capsule swivel connector from CENO for the lithium industry. It has 94 signal channels, 88 for general signal and 6 for ultrasonic ranging signal.
  • Coupling Joint Customized Notes For Different Industry

    CENO is a professional slip ring manufacturer. CENO provides our customers with a wide range of non-standard coupling joint, which also be called as large current slip rings, carbon brush slip ring in
  • Rotary Swivel Joint Used In Environmental Protection Equipment

    Conductive slip ring is an important part of the mud scraper of environmental protection equipment.This kind of ECN045-06P rotary joint with through hole 45mm, 6 channel lines in 10A, speed according
  • Airborne Radar Using CENO Low Temperature Swivel Joint

    It is one of CENO low temperature swivel joint,which designs working for airborne radar. Because it work in bad working environment, at high altitude 16000m with minus 55℃.These signal lines are prote
  • Temperature Slip Ring

  • Ethernet Slip Ring Used In Package Machine

    Ethernet is a technology designed for LAN communication. It specifies the contents of connection, electronic signal and media access layer protocol of physical layer.Ethernet is the most widely used L
  • Integrated Slip Ring With Fiber Optic RF And Power For Medical Endoscopy

    CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. As a slip ring manufacturer, keep innovates electrical rotary joints technology and communicates with customers in different industries on perfect performance of
  • RF Rotary Joint

    CENO RF Rotary Joints include coaxial rotator joints, waveguide rotator joints, coaxial/waveguide rotator joints, also known as high frequency slip-ring, RF slip-ring.RF joint is specially developed f
  • Industry Anti-interference Ethernet Slip Ring

    Industry anti-interference Ethernet slip is successful passing test, this kind of Ethernet slip ring design according to high industrial requirements principle. After testing, the Ethernet slipring op
  • How To Clean the dust or dirt on the ring and brush surface

    There are many way to clean collector ring (slipring). Eg:when you find the dust on the surface of collector ring (slipring) during the car cleaning and checking,after opening the window cover and dus
  • RF Cable Reel

    As an underground power vehicle, the cable reel as a storage cable.The high power slip ring could safely and orderly to store and release for a certain length of cable for the vehicle.
  • Slip Ring In Intelligent Ball Camera Application

    Security monitoring is installed in cities, not only in streets but also in residential apartments.Intelligent spherical camera system due to its 360 degrees rotating without blind area within the sco
  • A Detailed Description Of The Normal Rotating Slip Ring And The Optical Fiber Slip Ring

    Normal rotating slip ring working with liquid lubrication, it work is stable and reliable, no noise. The rotation surface are separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, it could greatly redu
  • Hybrid Slip Ring -- Integrated Pneumatic And Power Slip Ring

    Conductive ring is a portion for transmitting power from a fixed port of device to control and deliver data signals to the rotating port of device. It also call as conductive ring, electronic brush, c
  • The Advantages Of Optical Fiber Rotary Joint

    Optical fiber rotary joint is also called optical rotary connector, etc., It solve the problem that it is relative optical signal transmission between rotating parts, to ensure that the light signal t
  • Technical Parameters Are Required To Customize The Conductive Slip Ring

    In modern industry, more and more industrial equipment need to be applied to the conductive slip ring, which can help the machine to operate better.In order to meet the needs of the real world, CENO k
  • Determinants Factor Of Slip Ring Size

    Normally when we choosing what kind of slip ring, we would only consider the service lifespan of the slip ring. But the latest finding is that the aging of the grease in the running of the slip ring c
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