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What Is The Wind Power Slip Ring, And How Does The Wind Power Slip Ring Work.
Dec 28, 2017

Because of the wind power is wildly developed , and wind power slipring is required for wind power. What is the wind power slip ring?What does a wind slip do?


What is a wind slip ring?The wind slip ring belongs to a subclass of the conductive slip ring. As during the wind motor working, the leaf blade continuous rotating 360 degree, and the conductive wires connecting with rotor lead the wires will be intertwined together. How to resolve this kind issue? CENO provides a kind of rotating joint, its function is transmitting current and signal meanwhile keep rotating. This kind of joint’s another name is wind slipring. It mount to a rotating axis, the rotor and axis are locked, the stator connecting with power wire for providing current, the lead wire of rotor connect with heat wire, the rotor and heating wire are rotating at the same time, another side stator transmitting the current and signal.


The wind power slip ring is responsible for the whole wind power system, and  with the function of controlling  signal and transmitting data ,is the key components in the whole fan system. After extensive case study and on-the-spot examination, CENO has taken into account the various common problems into designing consideration for wind power slip ring.


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