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What are the main protective properties of conductive slip-ring products?

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

IP is the name of the world used to determine the level of protection, the IP level is composed of two digits, the top number indicates dust-proof; the second figure shows waterproof, the greater the number, the better the protection. Dustproof and waterproof have a certain level, respectively:

First, dust level:

0-No protection: no special protection

1-Avoid objects larger than 50mm intrusion: avoid the human body due to careless encounter with the interior parts of the lamp to avoid the diameter of more than 50mm object intrusion

2-Avoid intrusion of objects larger than 12mm: Avoid touching the interior parts of the lamp

3-Avoid greater than 2. Total intrusion by 5mm: avoid the diameter greater than 2. Something, wire or object that is 5mm.

4-Avoid greater than 1.0mm object intrusion: Avoid mosquitoes, insects, or objects that have a diameter greater than 1.0.

5-dustproof: Can not completely avoid dust intrusion, but the invasion of dust will not affect the normal operation of lamps

6-dustproof: Total avoidance of dust intrusion

Second, waterproof grade

0-No protection and no special protection

1-Avoid drip penetration to avoid dropping water droplets straight down

2-skew 15 degrees still avoid dripping into the water when the lamp skew 15 degrees, still can avoid dripping

3-Avoid the eruption of water intrusion to avoid rain, or straight into the angle less than 50 degrees in the direction of the eruption of water

4-Avoid splash of water intrusion to prevent all parties from splashing into the water

5-Avoid surges of water intrusion to avoid surges or blowhole of water.

6-Avoid big waves of water intrusion lamps into the water under the necessary time or pressure conditions, can still ensure the normal operation of the lamp

7-Avoid water intrusion into the lamp without a term submerged water in a certain pressure conditions, and to ensure the normal operation of lamps and lanterns

8-avoidance of inundation

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