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Through Hole Slip Ring --used In Medical Equipment
Jun 23, 2018

CENO produces through hole slip ring for CT machine of medical device, according to the medical device with high resolution, high sensitivity, stable performance requirements.Medical equipment in the CT machine is a fully functional condition detecting instrument, it is electronic computer X-ray tomography technology, by X-ray tomography , microcomputer and TV show composition, can examine the various parts of the body.


Model: ECN025-18P1

Protection Grade: IP54

Working Humidity: > 60%RHY)1)%T@T}(N36)ICX[UT4LS.jpg

Working Temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Wire Specification: AWG22# tin coated fluoron UL

Rate Voltage: 380VAC

Circuit : 18  * 5A

Dieletric strength: ≥ 1000V @50hz between two circuits

Insulation Resistance: 500 m Ω @ 500 VDC

Contact Resistance Fluctuation Value: 70 m or less Ω (50 RPM )

WireLength: rotor: 300mm;Stator: 300 mm

Working speed: 0~300rpm

Contact Material: precious metal

House Material: aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation black

Diameter: ∅ 25.4 mm


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