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Thermocouple Electric Rotary Joint
Jan 10, 2019

Now CENO introduce one of thermocouple electric rotary joint, ECN040-04P-16S, its size, signal type and current line distribution can be OEM.Because this is the age of automation, many industries have replaced manual production with mechanical production.In this mechanized production efficiency is much higher than manual, and reduce the human error rate.These automatic machines need most can unrestricted 360 ° rotating connector, refers to all kinds of signals at the same time.The requirements of the automation industry connector is characterized by long life, stable speed, can transmit a variety of signals to the operation of the instruction equipment. CENO is a slip-ring manufacturer,which designs and manufactures electric rotary joint for different of automation industry. CENO keep continuously getting improvement in electric rotary joint techniques. 


This slip-ring design belongs to the CENO’s thermocouple electric rotary joint.It can withstand at - 40 ℃~ + 80 ℃ temperature in the working environment by customer’s equipment requirement. It specially designs thermocouple signal line according to the requirement of transmission signal.This kind of electric rotary joint can also integrate different signals according to your device needs.

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