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There Are Several Common Problem For Slip Ring
Dec 11, 2017

There are several common problem for slip ring


The factors of the slip ring allowing current that determine the safely operating of the slip ring are the cross-sectional area of the slip ring, the contact point area of electronic brush, the pressure of the brush and the contact surface, the rotational speed,etc. In excess of this value, the slip ring will hot, the contact surface will play spark, even cause melding between the ring and brush. So CENO need the accurate data about the slip ring design , such as environment information and the current requirement to avoid below common issue.


Slip ring shot circuit

It is possible the end of the slip ring life after using for a period of time. Or the slip ring uses overload to cause the slip ring to burn. In general, it is the problem of the insulation material inside if a new slip ring shows a short circuit.The another reason for short circuit is that the direct circuit between the brush and brush, the broken skin of conductive wire. This must be tested by elimination.


Signal disturb too big

Slip ring used for transmit current and signal, there will be interference between power supply and signal. The signal disturb divided into outside disturb and internal disturb. Designer should be know about the type of disturb, and treat them for relative special shield.


Slipring rotating not smooth

If you eliminate the reason of installation or the selection for axletree that cause the slip ring rotating no smooth. It is possible that the slip ring work in a  too big vibration environment as customer required that causing the  slip ring inside axletree is damaged and the plastic main axis is broken .


The grade of protection is not meet the using environment.

The protection is IP54 for normally slip ring. But some of customer take it to work in special waterproof requirement status that cause the slip ring short circuit by it dipping into water.


Circuit design without PE

Generally slip ring should pass the insulation testing under 5times voltage, but some of the slip ring is damaged during work. 



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