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The Structure Of Large Current Slip Ring
Dec 08, 2017


With the diversified application for slip ring, the large slip ring application wildly use in different field. The main feature of large slip ring is that it could transmit large current (above 100A). CENO adopt the unique design method and high consummate manufacturing technology to meet the needs of various industries.

Large current slip requires hig
h mechanical strength, excellent conductivity, high insulation performance, and with the feature of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. So CENO designed the carbon brush.

 The advantaged as below for carbon brush:

Ø  Use good quality imported carboncrane-slip-ring-1 汇电流滑环.jpgØ The current could up to more than 100A

Ø 360°continuous rotating and transmitting the power and data signal.

Ø Long lifespan without lubrication, regular maintenance can be extended the lifespan.

Ø Signal and power supply can be transmitted separately or in combination.

Ø The protection level can be designed according to the actual situation of customers.

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address: 3F,Bldg B, XinJianXing industrial park, Lou Cun Feng Xin Rd, Guangming new Dist, ShenZhen, 518107,China

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