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The Slip Ring Application In CCD Automatic Test Equipment For Burr
Dec 06, 2017

The Slip ring application in CCD automatic test equipment for burr



Using slip ring to replace wire, the following main issue of CCD automatic equipment can be solved. After installing the slip ring, it can not only reduce the detective rate of CCD automatic test equipment for burr, but also increase work efficiency.The part positioning transmission mechanism and part positioning clamping mechanism do not need to reverse back to the original position, so that the 360degree of continuous rotation can be realized.Because CCD burr automatic testing equipment is mainly used for to test the product burr effect, by CCD detection station, automatic up-down material unit, parts positioning transfer unit, three axis manipulator, his grasp, plate up/down assumed a clip grab, electric turntable structure parts, such as has the advantages of accurate positioning and high efficiency.


CENO has a professional R&D and engineer team, provide good service on customizing required products with ECN-open-type-S.jpgoptional circuit ,voltage, current ,meanwhile it has the function of transmitting HDMI, USB, Ethernet , Fiber optical signal, even the products need fix the water vapor, compressed air, hydraulic oil and other media.


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