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The Role Of Slipring In Automation Equipment
Dec 18, 2017

Talking about the automation equipment , such as robot, mechanical arm,etc. These kind of automation is wildly used in military and large factories. Robots and mechanical arm are machines devices, it not only performance follow humans instructing but also run well the predetermination program. With the technology develop of science and technology and human progress, industry, construction industry, or even more dangerous jobs require the addition of automation equipment. In the further, the task of these kind of devices is to help human to do some work, even replace human.As compared with humans, the robot activities more flexible and more thorough, more efficient. But rotary joint structure of robot is more complex, inconvenient installation and maintenance. So ECNO could provide the slipring, which could keep continuous rotating and transmitting current and signal.


Automation equipment dedicated slipring channel number up to 300 circuit, the transmission of signal are Ethernet, USB signals, RS485/422, Can bus signal , servo motor, encoder signals,  strain gauge, thermocouple, etc.  This kind of special slip ring has the characteristices of low speed rotating, long life span and easy to maintenance,  which is suitable for the adoption of automatic equipment.


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