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The Prospect Of Conductive Slippage In The Military Field
Dec 22, 2017

Military equipment is one of the high-end domain application equipment. Its characteristic is advanced degree, the stability coefficient and the practical level also formed a series of standardization, So it is very strict targets and requirements for the accessories that be used in military.

Many parts of the need to rotate 360 ° in many high automation new military equipment. It needs one kind of slip ring with transmitting current and signal. Conductive slip ring is now not only used in the industrial field, but also used in military industry equipment, conductive slip ring is very popular rising in military equipment market.Military standard requirement about the quality of the equipment is very high, the same requirement for  slip ring: stable performance, long lifespan, free maintenance. Meanwhile it has the characteristic of high protection, high temperature, high voltage, big resistance to impact and anti-vibration ,low electrical noise, isolation degree greater above 60 db, small signal transmission loss, this special design just according to the slipring will be used in different field requirement.

In the future, the development of military equipment will be more automated.. CENO thinking of the special requirement about current power signal, the signal of the high demand for zero interference that complexity of equipment of military , to design one kind of selection of conductive slip ring for military equipment.

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Address: 3F,Bldg B, XinJianXing industrial park, Lou Cun Feng Xin Rd, Guangming new Dist, ShenZhen, 518107,China

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