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The Process For Collector Ring Welding Machine

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2017

The process for collector ring welding machine


Study the work process is important for operating well collector ring welding machine. Now let’s study it follow below steps


Reset state:please place manually respectively welding plastics into the upper and lower molds (mold with plastic clamping vacuum sucker device) when the equipment in stopping work condition or a state of work cycle starting, the entire work cycle in automatic state.


Hot plate carry status: Press start button.The hot plate is being slided to the heating place under cylinder pushing down. Sametime the upper and lower cold molds will be on the melt position as the 2 cylinders pushing down. Make sure the upper and lower rubber welding surface meet to the hot plate for heat melting.

The status for plastic fusion: Under the preset time for fusion, the gluing parts for upper and lower plastics shall be dissoved without carbonization.


Time is up after melting: The hot plate will back in situ, when the plastic parts out from(are released from) the molds (upper and lower) at the same time, keep certain gap(safty distant) against the hot plate.


Gethers the mold for the plastics parts under the cylinders( upper and lower) work. The two plastics will be welted into one during the preset time for solidification. The machine at the standby mode for next cycle welt work. The vacuum clampings(upper and lower one)  release the place cover after welting then manual take out the melted plasted.


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