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The Making Method Of Pancake Slip Ring
Dec 12, 2017




With the development of communication technology and the popularity of automation equipment, in order to improve the flexibility between the devices and equipment. In some cases, the related rotation between related devices,meanwhile transmit the current and signal through a cable wire.As the cable wire is easy to broke if use directly use the cable wire, so CENO develop  a kind of shrapnel pancake slip ring replace the cable to transmit current and signal for the related two devices.  Normal pancake slipring adopt convex point structure. The shrapnel welding on both side on the PCB of pancake slip ring,the convex point on the PCB for connecting another  PCB.  Due to shrapnel elastic is weaker, affect the two pieces of  PCB poor contact during contact friction.As CENO resolved this kind of issue, now let’s introduce the structure of pancake of CENO.

CENO electrical connect the two piece of PCB, keep the two side rotating around one axis to transmit the signal and current. One side PCB( first) is design the tray with the function of rotating, the other side PCB side weld the connective shrapnel with the stator function , the welding poing according the tray in the first side PCB. These two side PCB connect together to make sure the slip ring continuous rotating and transmitting current and signal without the cables be twisted.

The first pancake slip ring is equipped with a fitting gloove for the circular rail, and the circular rail is installed in the gloove.  It also includes a second lead wire, a second outlet opening on the side of the gloove, then the second lead wire connect with the circular rail by through the second outlet hole. The connection shrapnel has contact point , that it is easy to connect or detached. The surface of the pancake has a gold-plated layer on the circular rail. Please contact with CENO from below way if you want to know this kind of product detail information.



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