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The Making And Application For Multi-hole Bush Slip Ring
Dec 13, 2017


Current during brush slip ring in using process, noise, temperature,service life and performance of mutual restriction and contradictory relationship between technical indicators, to ensure good performance. It is short the slip ring lifespan, because friction noise and friction heat are caused by the high speed rotating from electronic brush and commutator and the commutation spark of the large current accelerates the electroerosion abrasion of the brush and commutator and slip ring. In order to lengthen the slip ring lifespan, we should appropriately increase the resistance of the brush, reduce the brush friction. But the brush will increase heat by the adding resistance meanwhile  it is not keeping the temperature indicators, even it will shorten the slip ring lifespan by the rise temperature of brush, commutator. If rise the conductive factor for brush to make sure the electrical properties of brush, but it is same not good for slip ring working life span. How could i do for resolving this kind of problem?  CENO from below ways to get it.5[A24J8P{SO[(2(IPJIH[_T.jpg



CENO provide one kind of multi-hole slip ring with the characteristic of reducing noise and temperature, same time getting wearable, it base on the comprehensive technical specifications of electrical performance. Adopt the solution includes the brush body and the wire that is connected to the brush body with perforation hole, which connect the the arcing surface of the brush body and its opposite hole. There are 1-20 through holes in this kind of slip ring.  The cross section with 0.5--1.5mm2 in different shape include round, oval, triangular, quadrilateral, pentagonal, hexagon. Through the brush body is equipped with multiple sectional shapes through hole, the connecting brush using surface (arc bottom) and its opposite through hole, to disperse the noise propagation direction, the increased noise propagation direction of firearms muffers . So as to achieve the aim of reducing noise.


Due to the high speed rotating brush and commutator, slip ring motion produced by the heat generated by the friction heat and brush resistance by the surface radiation,conduction, the settings of the through hole is equal to increase air flow cooling channel inside the brush.The heat inside the brush is used to remove heat from the air through the airflow, there by achieving extra heat dissipation. The utility model through hole setting, relative improv the porosity of brush, and the increase of porosity is inhibition of spark discharge increases, the effective method to reduce the ablation, so as to improve the service life of the brush.


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