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The Maintenance Of Slip Ring
Dec 08, 2017


The slipring is a indispensable component in modern industry, as it is used widely in different industry field. It is play important role to make safe operation as basic condition then producing good quality products under good working status. CENO now share that how to ensure the slip ring that keep work well?  Firstly, chose good quality slip ring then regularly keep maintenance for it. For lengthening the slip ring life span, not only  care about it is important on the structure design and the material quality but also need keeping maintenance . keep maintenance the first thing is that need to know the inside structure of slip ring.

Anti-explosion-Slip-ring-s3 碳刷环.jpgThere are two main pars to compose slip ring, one is stator that consist of  electronic wire and electronic bush holder, the other one is rotate. The brush holder electronic brush hold the electronic brush and stator, the electronic brush contact the copper ring to keep certain pressure,then the slip ring could transmit the current. The pressure between the brush wire and main axis decide the resistance from slip ring, the frictional resistance during slipring rotating and the wear of contact point.Base on make sure the product structure design, normally observation and maintenance are very important , such as the pressure changing between the brush wire and copper during slipring rotating and with the over time, it is changing of centrifugal  force that is be produced by the main axis rotating. Understand the structure of slip ring that is closely related the slip ring lifespan.


These are directly effect slipring lifespan factor, when the work time and rotating speed over than the structure design scope and quicken the wear by increasing friction when slipring has febrile phenomenon.So please show us the more accurate information about the slipring design scope. Because CENO has a profession  team of R&D and engineer  who will provide you the optimum structure design in combination with the actual situation to make the slip ring working well with stable performance and long life characteristic

With the use of slipring is more and more diversified, the application of large current sliprin is also wildly use. The large current contacted material, CENO does not recommend the use of ordinary brush wire structure, but the use of metal carbon brush. When using the metal carbon brush, the dust will be produced, and the dust will not be cleaned regularly, which will affect the fluctuation value of the slip ring and the insulation property. In view of this kind of carbon brush, CENO designed the slip ring with the window for easy maintenance.

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