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The Main Differences Between The Capsule Slipring And The Hollow Shaft Slip Ring
Dec 04, 2017

The main differences between the capsule slipring and the hollow shaft slip ring


It could be divided to different conductive slip ring according the application to distinguish and the shape to distinguish.Now let’s discuss the distinction between the capsule slip ring and hollow shaft slip ring in the installation of the size of the contour.

       ACN-small 最小尺寸帽式滑环.jpg

In terms of the rated current, the maximum current of each ring of the capsule series conductive slip ring is generally around 2A , which could not be too large. But the slip ring that can be transmitted over 2A of current by a parallel multichannel. For standard each ring more than 2A, easy breakdown, insulation resistance and also easy to produce electromagnetic interference between te ring and ring, then affect the quality of the signal transmission, easy to make signal distortion or scrambling. In practical application, the capsule slip ring is mainly high speed ball, high definition equipment and other precision small devices. The capsule slip ring is produced by mass production and standardized production, so the cost is low and the sale price is relative low . Capsule slipring  is limited using in the field of waterproof and dust proof. In general if RH higher environment, can’t use capsule type conductive slip ring. Meanwhile, it could not use in the special filed of explosion and dust.

                  ECN hollow shaft slip ring 过孔滑环.jpg



However, the hollow shaft slip ring is rarely the standard product, most of which is the custom series, which can be used to meet many special needs of customers. The cost and sale price  of hollow shaft slip ring is higher than capsule type , because the material the cover of hollow slipring is aluminum alloy.   Hollow slip ring has a lot of advantage, as it is not easy to aging, cracking and deformation, could be used in a lot of bad environment.


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