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The Characteristics And Applications Of Various Conductive Slip Rings
Apr 17, 2018



The conductive slip ring  is designed with good contact. Meanwhile requires the slip ring provides unlimited application, and it is continuous or intermittent 360-degree rotation, to provide multi-channel rotational power, data and all electrical and mechanical systems of the signal.


 It belongs to the application category of electrical contact slip connection, and it is a precision transmission device that realizes the image, data signal and power transmission of two relative rotating mechanisms.The new type of conductive slip ring greatly simplifies the system structure and avoids the twisting of the wire during rotation.Ensure that the contact is reliable in the structure design and ensure that all lines are connected continuously.Therefore, brush conductive properties of the materials must be good, the pressure on conductive slip ring should be appropriate, the eccentricity of the slip ring and the liner is smaller, good wear resistance and friction torque, to ensure product quality.


Conductive slip ring component is made up of several main important component , such as the slip ring body, the brush components, fixed bracket, Core-ball bearing,etc. And its each big parts design and manufacturing process will affect the wear lifespan of slip ring.The material of slip ring spindle conductive is usually using red copper, brass, coin silver or gold material,etc,. Meanwhile on conductive ring surface still need plating multi-layer precision metals material to extend the life of the slip ring wear and reduce the electrical noise.In order to ensure the brush could good contact with the conductive ring of conductive slip ring, conductive ring is designed to be a "V" type again.



The sliding ring component can be divided into: low frequency slip ring, medium frequency slip ring and high frequency slip ring according the frequency of transmission signal.The slip ring usually refers only to the first two, and is used to transmit the radar intermediate frequency signal and the energy of the slip ring components.The frequency of the slip ring is high and needs to be shielded. It could chose normal slip ring, that transmitting signals below 12 MHZ. One ring contact with central conductor, one ring connected to the outer layer as a shield ring.Signals transmitting over 12 MHZ are usually used in a coaxial shielded sliding ring,the section of the slip ring is a groove, which is essentially the coaxial conductor of the rectangle.



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