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The Carbon Brush Slip Ring Could Be Used In High Temperature And High Rotating Speed Environment
Dec 07, 2017

The carbon brush slip ring could be used in high temperature and high rotating speed environment


The carbon brush slipring wildly be used for the device in a lot of industry. The fixed side of the device could transmit the signal and current when the other side of the device being rotating. The carbon brush consist of  many parts, such as the annulus (ring)  body of many metal rings, the bush which contacting with the ring, the as fixed effect holder and the protective cover .Explosion-proof-slip-ring-S  防爆滑环.jpg


The annulus  (ring) body made of two main kind of material, one is made of plastic injection and the other one is that laminated pressed into a ring. The surface of the metal ring and electronic brush normally should be electroplating treatment with high We should choose the precious metal material on electroplate. So that the carbon brush could meet the requirement of good electronic conductive, wear resistance, corrosion resistance,etc.


To meet a lot of high-tech and high required industry field, the high requirements for the performance of the carbon brush are required .



To be able operating safely, we need excellent quality carbon brush. It through a series of experiment to approve its reliability under special working environment. It passed the testing, operating in the vacuum station with the different temperature and rotating. From the record of the various voltage signal changing data and resistance fluctuation value when it work under different special environment, the temperature could up to 100℃, the rotating speed up to 5000RPM, the resistance fluctuation value above 278/1 . So the temperature and rotating speed that does not effective for carbon brush, then we could say that carbon brush could meet different environment requirement.


CENO could design and manufacturing different customize requirement carbon brush. Welcome contact with us from below way.


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