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The Aspects Of Conductive Slip Ring Signal Interference
Dec 18, 2017

Conductive slip ring mainly function is transmitting  power and signal.Transmission of signals include switch signals, control signals, RS485/232, the common video signal,low frequency pulse signals,heat resistance,strain gauge signals,VGA signals, electromagnetic valve, profibus signals and encoder, TTL level signal, PAL video signals, NTSC video signal, Canbus correlates, Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, and other signals. The interference of conductive slip ring signals is also a common problem in signal slip ring, which leads to the problem of wire problems and internal structure problems.

Regarding the wire problem, CENO adopts special wire for special signalas many signals are more sensitive. If the shielding effect of the signal is not completed, it may cause the loss of signal or crosstalk.


Internal structure problems, the internal structure of the slip ring can also cause the crosstalk between signals, but not in the critical position of the relative shielding,can lead to the crosstalk inside the sliding, can lead to the crosstalk inside the sliding ring.


CENO’s slipring adopt a double stranded wire with high shielding effect. Special wires are available for special signals to ensure that all signals are not lost during the slipring transmission.


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