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Slip Ring In Intelligent Ball Camera Application
Apr 17, 2018

 Security monitoring is installed in cities, not only in streets but also in residential apartments.Intelligent spherical camera system due to its 360 degrees rotating without blind area within the scope of monitoring, by scanning track, guards, synchronized scanning, alarm, etc. This kind of security camera is widely used, which need a kind of slip ring to getting 360 degree continuously rotating.


 Some of security camera which in order to achieve the 360 ° rotation monitoring and intelligent function, must use the slip ring in the device.Traditional slip ring only through the electrical signal transmission, video and control signal . As the contact resistance is not stable, it lead to reduce the reliability of the transmission signal and anti-jamming.Spherical camera system working speed and the high definition rate will be affected by the slip ring factors. So CENO could provides you the slip ring that not only transmit the analog data signals and electrical signal, but also could impossible to high-definition digital signal transmission.


For providing a kind of intelligent spherical camera system slip ring, making sure intelligent spherical camera system more reliable, more high speed data signal transmission,CENO’s slip ring could overcome the existing technology of intelligent spherical camera system the defects of high-definition digital signal.


In the slip ring of intelligent spherical camera system, it transmission signals for smart spherical cameras and motion mechanism of the power supply through a wire, on the other hand to realize intelligent spherical camera image data transmission and instructions delivering by the optical fiber transmission of optical signal . It adopts integrating photoelectric hybrid data transmission method, with strong anti-interference ability and higher speed of data transmission, the advantages of lower bit error rate, can meet the demand of security monitoring intelligent spherical camera system, high-definition digital signal in the field .


CENO can manufacture customized products based on customer specific requirements. Please contact us if necessary.


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