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The Application Of Conductive Slipring
Nov 16, 2017

The application of conductive slipring in automatic paper making machinery


Nowaday the conductive slipring,especially the domestic conductive slipring manufacture’s has a great opportunity. Because national loan program has formulated the principle of using domestic equipment as far as possible, in order to promote the development of China’s light machine industry. Depend on the base of good key paper machine enterprise to introduce advanced technology, then domestic paper machinery industry adopts the method of combining technology and trade,to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the market of China paper making machinery.


Nowaday in the industry of paper making machine have changed obviously after the “fifteen national congress”, not as many companies which have to chose importing all or some key equipment in the past. 


Base on conductive slipring apply in different using, installation conditions,the environment for using, action principle, then the specifications customized slipring could divided into different kinds sliprings,like the capsule type slipring, split type slipring, hollow shaft slipring,wind power slipring,mercury collector slipring, fiber optic rotary joint, RF rotary Joint, waterproof rotary joint, heat-and-cold resistance slipring, carbon brush slipring etc. The ring body of the conductive slipring is also called the shaft core, which is a slipring composed of multiple conductive slipring paths, witch they are insulated each other. The electronic brush, always keeping in touch with each conductive ring paths. Electronic brush is made of precious metal alloy with elastic,durable,conductive,stable good material feature.


The conductive slipring is a device for transmits electrical signals and electrical energy  from the rotating frame and static part ,by the touching of conductive and rotating parts, the coupling for static electricity and electromagnetism parts.There are drive elements, measuring elements and control elements on the rotating parts, which must be sent control signals and provide power from the machine room to.Some radars require more than 100 connections.



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