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The Application Of Conductive Slip Ring In Radar Field
Dec 22, 2017

In the high-end fields of military radar, aerospace, tanks and other equipment,where it requirements for such things as revolution, rotation and multiple relative motion.Mechanical equipment rotates 360 °continuously  and same time transmitting electric energy, fluid pressure, signal source, optical fiber signal, high frequency signal, etc.Any relatively continuous rotation between 360 ° electrical components need transfer function power, weak current signal, optical signal, different energy medium such as air pressure, hydraulic pressure, oil pressure, to ensure that the electrical appliances in the rotary motion as well as free rotating mechanical and electrical equipment, which needs a rotating connected device (conductive slip ring).

Modern radar could rang and locate within three-dimensional space. The echo of the object will measure the distance and direction of the object, which is the detection of the object by electromagnetic wave. When point to radar, we have to talk about the electromagnetic spectrum。As for air radar, the greater the power, the farther the detection distance, and the lower the ability to detect low-altitude targets.The electromagnetic wave has many physical properties, such as the radiation of the infrared ray above absolute zero. Some equipment use infrared radiation from the target to attack its prey.Of course, it also has energy radiation and physical penetration and so on. One of the things that we're interested in is the higher the frequency of the electromagnetic wave, the shorter the wavelength. Which needs one kind of slipring of CENO’s product, with the characteristic of keep continuous rotating and transmitting signal,current..etc. If you have any special design requirement,please feel free contact with us from below way.

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Address: 3F,Bldg B, XinJianXing industrial park, Lou Cun Feng Xin Rd, Guangming new Dist, ShenZhen, 518107,China

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