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Super Thin Slip Ring Could Help You To Solve The Issue Of Space Restrictions
Dec 01, 2017



CENO manufactures super thin slip ring( PCN,PSCN), which  will introduce the resolution on how to full use of the Slip ring to avoid the space restriction from below Items.


Pancake slipring has the character of super thin,even the thinnest could reach up to 4mm thickness, then it help to solve the issue of limited installation space. These series divide into integral pancake slip ring and separate slip ring.


Super thin slip ring apply for the equipment of transverse space to avoid the height space limitation. CENO adopt advanced fiber brush technology, make sure pancake slip ring with the character of low friction, low contact resistance and no friction spark. Its character  different from the normal slip ring are small height and big diameter.(optional item: through hole size, current size, channel number)


Features:  Pancake slipring full use the space with advantaged super thin appearance , and it maximum reduce cost.


Typical applications: Pancake slip ring is often used for stage light, rotating platform, rotating light box , railway system and so on.


Advantages: small size, flexible installation, reliability contact between brush and ring, applied for rotating device and other equipment with signal and power transmitting.


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address: 3F,Bldg B, XinJianXing industrial park, Lou Cun Feng Xin Rd, Guangming new Dist, ShenZhen, 518107,China


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