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Study on wear of conductive slip-ring contact material
Jul 19, 2017

We understand the electrical contact between the wire and the ring in a sliding state when the working state of the conductive slip ring product is in the process of rotating, and the mechanical friction between metal and metal is on the one hand, by the erosion of electrical and thermal factors, there will be adhesion wear and particle wear and arc erosion phenomenon, these factors affect the quality and performance of conductive slip ring the most important factor, may lead to the conduction slip ring, signal loss or premature failure and so on. Especially for the conductive slip ring which is applied to the high end equipment, the transmission precision of the signal is very great, so the characteristic of the contact wear has a very big influence on the working performance of the equipment. This requires a better slip ring to meet the needs.

Because it does not change from principle, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the whole state of slip-ring operation, analyze its wear mechanism, and provide reliable experimental basis for selecting the most suitable materials. According to the working state of the slip ring, we can define it as the load-flow friction wear, which refers to the abrasion of the current through the friction at the same time, and is affected by many factors, such as mechanical force, electricity and heat, so it is more complicated than pure mechanical wear. At present, more and more countries are increasing the research on the friction and wear of current load, on the one hand, study its mechanism, on the other hand, it is the influence of various parameters (current, speed, load, temperature, etc.).

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