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Slip Ring For Wind Power Generation
Dec 04, 2017

Slip ring for Wind Power generation


Industry requirements: impact resistance, dust proof, corrosion resistance, high protection level.


Slip ring recommendation: LPW wind slip ring, conductive slip ring, carbon brush slip ring, electric slip ring.


Slipring in the wind power system for the whole system of power, control signal and data transmission functions, is the critical component in the fan system, the precision, reliability and work life directly affects the performance of the wind power system.


Generally speaking, the entire fan system sill need three slits, which are applied to the variable oar system, the generator and the lightning rod part.

                 02.jpg              03.jpg

For special application requirements of wind power generation system and the actual use of the environment, China crystal after a large number of case studies and field test, the wind power slip ring need to solve various problems into consideration, and focused on the specific application of the fan on different design of different solutions.


CENO slip ring scheme from delicate cap type slip ring to multiple pathways of high current to optical fiber slip ring slip ring hollow shaft and photoelectric hybrid slip ring, slip ring to small and medium-size fan system needs to solve various problems.


CENO electronic research and development and production application in large wind power equipment for wind power slip ring LPW series, it is suitable for power in 0.75 5.0 MW wind power equipment, has the high degree of protection, and in view of the domestic work for gearbox oil affect the slip ring problem, increase the sealing device in rotor tapping , prevent oil from entering the already, but again big impact rotor torque. And in view of the abnormal weather in recent years, in order to prevent bad long time high(low) temperature, install the radiator and the low temperature heating device automatically, to ensure the reliability of the product.



◈ The key materials are imported materials, equipped with          advanced production equipment and testing system for various      performances of wind power slipring.

◈ CENO electronic wind power slide ring has good low            temperature resistance, high humidity, anti-wind sand,          corrosion resistance, shock resistance and shock resistance.

◈ Performance is stable without maintenance and can be used for    up to 20 years or hundreds of millions of revolutions

◈ Customizable, cable length , connection mode, encoder model,    low pressure+ data transmission, high voltage current, etc.


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