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Signal Slip Rings For Airborne
Jun 14, 2018

Ensuring accurate navigation and flight safety , airborne requires that signal slip ring has antenna platform stabilization system or data stability specific, as its basic principle and composition of airborne radar is the same as that of other military radars. Radar antenna slip ring of CENO gets compact size and high reliability, it can work at high altitude of 15000 meters above and under temperature at -55 ~ + 60 ℃, with preventing electromagnetic interference design.The parameters of this slip ring as below for you conference, any data could be optional according your equipment special requiment.




Working Temperature:-55℃~+70℃

Working Humidity:95±4%RHECN038-06P-20S.jpg

Working Altitude:55000ft

Circuit :6*8A/20*signal

Rating Voltage:220VAC/DC

Dielectric Strength:Between Two Rings ≥500VAC@50Hz

Insulation :>300MΩ@500VDC

Contact Resistance Fluctuation Value:≤20mΩ(50rpm)

Leard Length:Rotator*2000mm;stator*500mm

Working speed:0-50rpm

Installation way:Rotator fix in equipment axis

Housing Material:Aluminum alloy sand blasting conductive white

Contact Material:Precious metal

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