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Problems and solution analysis of conductive slip ring under high rotational speed
Jul 19, 2017

First, the collector ring is also the conductive ring, the collector ring, the confluence ring and so on. The function of the circuit is to improve the system performance, simplify the structure of the system, and avoid twisting the conductor because of the rotation of the movable joint.

During the use of the collector ring, special attention should be paid to the problem caused by the high speed of the collector ring.

Second, the rotational speed of the collector ring is too high, which is mainly caused by two problems, one is mechanical structure failure and the other is the heat problem of transmission contact point.

Third, generally because the speed of the collector ring can reach 1000rpm at work, therefore, the mechanical strength, wear-resistant steel material is the first choice of the production of electric ring, steel can be processed into a complex structure, it is an easy to get and cheap material, so widely used in the synchronous motor including the low circumference of the hydro-generators. For such as turbo-generators, the main emphasis on the high circumferential speed of mechanical strength and wear resistance of the collector ring, sometimes also using forged steel.

Fourthly, while corrosion-resistant, corrosion-resistant requirements are higher, but also can use stainless steel material, but the sliding characteristics of stainless steel is not stable, and brush combination of improper often make the brush produced a beat, easy to cause the brush temperature rise too high or abnormal wear, so use must pay attention to.

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