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Pneumatic Rotary Union For Wire Drawing Equipment
Jan 08, 2019

QCN0201-85-08P-04S-02EG is one of CENO pneumatic rotary 3union with shaft hole at diameter 85mm.Which is customized for wire drawing equipment. There are total 14 channel rings , among which 8 are power lines with 30A, 4 are signal lines with 2A, and 2 channels are Driver_cliq Ethernet encoder signals, which run stably at 0-150rpm for the customer's equipment signal data transmission.

CENO as slip ring manufacturer, keeps continuous innovation for all industry applications.Electric slip ring rotary union, including pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joint.QCN0201-85-08P-04S-02EG is a pneumatic slip ring integrated with electrical and signal data and Ethernet encoder signals.The signal and current design of the entire pneumatic slip ring is determined according to the operation requirements of the customer's equipment.Electric slip ring with pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joint.It is equipped with electrical and signal data slip rings and can be configured with matching pneumatic or hydraulic rotary joints according to customer requirements.

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