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Multi-channel Signal Capsule Swivel Connector
Jan 02, 2019


Acn-94s this is a capsule swivel connector from CENO for the lithium industry. It has 94 signal channels, 88 for general signal and 6 for ultrasonic ranging signal.According to the precision requirements of the equipment, the multi-channel signal capsule swivel connector adopts imported material, which is gold to gold with 99.99% reliability. CENO ‘s signal transmission technology in slip ring is one of top manufacturer in same industry.This new capsule type multi-channel digital signal swivel connector can be integrated large current, small current, digital signal, analog signal, optical fiber, radio frequency in one.For the convenience of equipment installation, this kind swivel connector selects  flange installation method in stator side.


This multi-channel signal capsule swivel connector is not only used in the lithium battery industry, but also in many equipment which requiring multiple signal transmission.Signal type and number of channels, as well as size and installation can be customized by CENO.

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