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Multi-channel Large Size Electric Slip Ring For Motion Simulator
Jan 04, 2019

CENO as a electric slip ring manufacturer, the technical team is the best in the same industry in China.No matter from the development, design and production, technical team members are closely following up every project.CENO mainly do customized electric slip ring for the different industry. The technical requirements are different for each type of electric slip ring due to the industry application.CENO project engineer will collect the working principle of the equipment in time by designing the slip-ring, meanwhile, communicate with customer on time to get the perfect electric slip ring the equipment.The following is a multi-channel large size electric slip ring for motion simulator.



The ECN190-10P2-46P has a diameter of 190mm through hole and 56 lines, which including 10 lines for 10A, 4 lines for 30A, 20 lines for 2A and 22 lines for 1A.In order to ensure smooth operation,CENO project engineers learn more about the working principle of the motion simulator. from customer on time during customizing the electric slip ring.CENO engineer present wiring arrangement reasonably and overall design plan on electric slip ring for motion simulator.

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