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Micro Type Slip Ring
Dec 14, 2017

CENO manufactures one kind of micro conductive slip ring. It is composed of outer cover, composite holder, annulus rings body, electronic brush, left cover and right cover and a pair of different size axis. There is a enameled wire bundle, which through the inner hole of the annulus ring bodies with the function of seal around them,  a epoxy resin structure. There are left cover and right cover that in the middle of the different axis, there is a electronic brush that in the outside surface of the composite holder, the cover wrap the round of holder and fix the holder, the left cover fixes the end of the wire that from composite ring body, the left cover fixes in the right side of the cover.



CENO base on constant electrical performance, shortened the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the slip ring, reduce the place dimension of slip ring rotating for transmitting the information, reduce the slipring weight, to get the slip ring . This kind of slip ring has the advantages of high integration integration, dense ring road and stable and reliable electrical performance.It solves the technical problem for narrow space that could not rotate the multi-channel signal.


The round shape composite holder is composite of left big diameter cover, right small diameter cover, all of these cover withe the feature of individual axis. The large precision bearing axis on the left axis, the small precision bearing axis on the right.In combination scaffolding of the ring body composite from the enameled wire bundle which through the ring bodies and the epoxy glue which has cover seal function. The left and right sides of the annulus components are set in large precision axis and small precision axis.There is a electronic brush outside  of the surface of rings to fix the holder to make sure the holder rotating. We could use the screw to fix the right ending to the right cover. The bundle of wire with enameled from the ending to appear out, the two bundle of wire from the brush hole through the cover.


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