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Introduction to the performance and working principle of slip-ring brush
Jul 19, 2017

About the performance and working principle of the slip-ring brush, the main aspects are as follows: The slip-ring brush is used for winding asynchronous motor, moving and fixing electrical connection device, the biggest problem is the maintenance of high failure rate caused by cantilever structure. The traditional winding asynchronous machine slip ring is called "Airborne" slip ring. The slip ring is mounted at the end of the motor rotor shaft, this is actually a single side support cantilever beam structure, so the motor in the course of operation, due to the role of centrifugal force and radial unbalance torque, slip ring will inevitably produce radial jitter, especially in the start-up and speed of the operation, this phenomenon is more obvious.

Conductive slip ring jitter amplitude and frequency high, brush spring pressure can not respond, resulting in contact brush and slip ring contact bad, which leads to serious ignition, resulting in surface slip ring wear, brush will also be damaged.

The slip-ring insulation flaw detection of the conductive brush holder usually needs to be done if the insulation resistance and AC withstand voltage performance are reduced and the insulation performance is at risk. The main reason is that the conductive brush slip ring has long been affected by the leakage of oil and friction caused by dust pollution of the insulating material surface of the insulation performance decline, conductive brush slip ring is very destructive, difficult to clear.

The following are some of the main features of a good performance from using a brush slip ring:

1. Long service life, do not change the use of commutator or collector ring, do not make commutator scratches, uneven, ablation, drawing and so on.

2. With good commutation and collector performance, energy loss is small.

3. When running, do not overheat, low noise, no damage, brush braid, ablation.

4. The brush ring in the running process, can be quickly in the commutator or collector ring surface to form a uniform layer.

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