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Introduction of how to improve the whole service life of conductive slip-ring products
Jul 19, 2017

Generally, a good quality conductive slip ring has a life span of more than 2 years. But long time in the humid, high-temperature environment of the use of the slip ring is significantly reduced life. So we should pay great attention to these problems when we use them, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and the operation of normal maintenance equipment. The reasonable radial clearance has great effect on the life span of the vibrating slip ring, if the radial clearance of the sliding ring increases, the load area in the slip ring will be reduced, the maximum rolling body load will be increased, thus reducing the life of the sliding ring.

Compared with the sliding ring used in mechanical transmission, the work of vibratory slip ring is very bad, if the design of the vibration slip ring assembly, lubricating oil property, cleanliness, and sliding ring structure parameters are not chosen properly, often lead to premature failure of the slip ring, especially the rapid rise of the slip ring temperature, resulting in burning or clinging to death, the cage fracture, it needs to withstand the eccentric block produced by the centrifugal force and the vibration of the wheel of the composite action under the impact, and this load is usually around 30HZ alternating frequency effect. The slip ring is sealed in the vibrating chamber and is limited by splash lubrication, lubrication and heat dissipation.

At the time of testing, the vibratory sliding ring used by vibratory rollers must have higher load capacity and higher limit speed. In the case of negative working conditions, the vibration slip ring must have higher load capacity and higher limit speed. In the turning and uneven section of the road compaction operation, the slip ring not only to withstand the huge radial force, but also to withstand a certain slip-ring force.

For a vibrating slip ring bearing a radial load, only a half-circle rolling force, and in the direction of the radial force FR, the raceway and the rolling body are the most force, 5fr/z, where z is the number of rollers. The excitation force (i.e. the radial force FR) Always points to a fixed direction on the slip ring. Although the direction of the excitation force is changing with the rotation of the sliding ring, the raceway of the inner ring is fixed, and the maximum force part of the raceway is invariable. The phenomenon of rolling body and ring breaking, seriously affecting the reliability of the whole machine, through research and analysis, the main reason for premature failure of vibratory slide ring of vibratory roller is as follows: The selection of vibrating slip ring and the selection of sliding ring based on structural parameters are the function of the slip ring itself and its bearing on the roller of eccentric block rotation to generate vibration, if the slip ring and the slip ring using the conventional "internal tight outside loose" cooperation, will produce only half a circle of raceway loaded, the other half of the raceway is not force at all, the maximum force position is always unchanged, The common flat key of eccentric block is fixed on the vibrating slip ring.

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