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Industry advantage sharing in manufacturing process of mass production of slip ring products
Jul 19, 2017

Conductive slip ring production of environmental and process requirements are very stringent, especially the military power ring, quality is not clearance, the problem is very serious. In the case of small quantity, can only be produced by hand, not mass production, greatly improve the cost, reduce production efficiency, at the same time, due to the environment and process requirements are very high, usually for a small batch of single to pay a few times and manpower to complete.

First of all, due to the conductive slip ring in the process of production and processing is relatively large, and in the large-scale production, often appear link redundant, process too much situation, in view of this situation, each project according to its own characteristics, will be several similar processes can be merged into a process, in the staff training, you can train several operations, in the back of the shift and merge process production, there are many benefits.

Second, large-scale production of the benefits of many, not only the scale of intensive production of slip-ring is the greatest advantage is in a large amount of time, greatly reducing the cost of the single piece. In some cases, the cost can even be reduced to one or 4 of the 3 points. Even in the case of large customers, lower prices, can also be very good to ensure the conductive slip ring Factory's basic profit. This is why many factories like to take large quantities of production and do not like small batch orders.

Third, conductive slip ring production of various manufacturers, as long as the conductive slip ring of the various functions, performance, convenience, reliability and other details to implement, can show a strong competitiveness.

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