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How to solve the noise problem of conductive sliding ring products
Jul 19, 2017

First, start with the manufacturing process. Process refinement, mainly refers to the process as short as possible, the conductive ring process is merged, the production has no intermediate stock, effectively reduces the influence of the low noise spherical conductive ring performance process factor; increase input, improve production workshop, large-scale, such conductive ring, especially mute ball conductive ring, must form a large-scale, can have global market competitiveness.

Second, the production of clean, this is a system of technology, including grinding fluid, super semen, cleaning fluid, air, high-pressure air, production environment and other technical processes; automation, from vehicle processing to assembly process automation, few people or unmanned; At the same time, the production environment of conductive ring is improved, the improvement of the production of high-end equipment, the use of high precision equipment and testing together to improve the accuracy of conductive ring, reduce the noise of conductive ring.

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