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How to do well the method of removing stains of collector ring and slip ring
Jul 19, 2017

When the motor is cleaned and inspected, open the Observation window cover plate and dust hole cover, the collector ring room should be cleaned. If there is dust or oil on the surface of the collector ring, the dust and oil can be wiped out by the cloth soaked with petrol, and the petrol will be allowed to drive after volatilization. For the motor, the operation should always observe the size of the brush spark, check the brush, collector ring surface wear.

When the surface of the collector ring is frayed or blackened by sparks, the slight fine sand cloth can be carefully polished, and the abrasive will be cleaned; serious (such as a groove), the surface of the collector ring is required so that the roughness reaches 1.6 and the radial runout is less than 0.04 ㎜. The distance from the bottom surface of the brush grip to the collector ring surface should be kept 3㎜ or not.

When the brush wear and tear Xin Xin electromechanical can not maintain normal position and pressure, or brush wear to the original height of 1/3, should be in accordance with the requirements of the manual replacement brush block, the replacement of the new brush and collector ring contact surface to be processed into the corresponding arc, to ensure that the brush and the collector ring have good contact (contact surface is not less than 75% of the total area). During processing, the surface of the collector ring is fixed with fine sand cloth, and the brush is simulated to grind the required arc on the emery cloth.

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