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How to make conduct slip ring operation well
Jul 19, 2017

In the unit of conductive slip ring, brush parts often appear many problems. The brush frame of the high power slip ring of the slip ring usually needs to do the defect detection of insulation performance, if the insulation resistance and the AC withstand voltage performance decrease indicate that the insulating property already has the risk. The main reason is that due to the conductive slip ring in the long-term operation of oil leakage and brush friction caused by dust pollution of the insulating material surface and lead to the loss of insulation performance, the conductive slip ring produced by the destructive very large and difficult to remove.

In the daily maintenance and overhaul of the industrial generator unit, the rotor and brush in the conductive slip ring part are the regular parts of the maintenance. This is closely related to the maintenance of our usual use, so we need to pay more attention to the work in peacetime. For some large generating sets, the annual maintenance of the unit and the conductive slip ring is very important, which relates to the normal operation of the equipment, operation efficiency, safe production and so on. Many industrial slip rings are usually repaired once a year for 5-8 years for a major overhaul. A long running state will accumulate a lot of fault factors for the whole system.

Only the details of the main, so that all defects in the overhaul is to eliminate, to get the unit long-term stable operation. If the conductive slip ring contact resistance is large, the current through the contact at the temperature will be much higher, or even lead to brush and slip ring welding, and contact pressure drop increase, these will affect the information transmission effect. So the smaller the contact resistance, the better.

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