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How To Determine The Quality Of The Conductive Slip Ring
Dec 29, 2017

How to determine the quality of the conductive slip ring?The conductive slip ring is a precision rotary joint component. Process and precision control of machining,even the raw material of component, that could determine the quality of slipring. CENO strictly controls on the quality of the conductive slip ring, guaranteeing the quality of it for making sure the product safety operating during work .If you want to get the quality data of the conductive sliding ring in all directions, there are many professional testing equipment will be required. Anyway CENO briefly introduces how to know the quality without any testing equipment as below way.

The flexibility of the rotation of the conductive slip ring

Good quality slip ring should be , with smooth handle when it rotating, the torsion is small, the dense structure, without the phenomenon of looseness and stuck.

The appearance of the conductive slip ring

Slipring quality could be judged from the outside. If the good slip ring producing under strictly quality control,judging from the appearance clean, with dense structure, the design,  producing line smooth, the lead wire no messy without damage etc.

Whether the chamfer is bright or not, the Angle of the slip ring is not determine the quality of the slip ring, but it reflects the processing method of the slip ring.

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Address: 3F,Bldg B, XinJianXing industrial park, Lou Cun Feng Xin Rd, Guangming new Dist, ShenZhen, 518107,China

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