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How To Clean the dust or dirt on the ring and brush surface
Sep 05, 2018

There are many way to clean collector ring (slipring). Eg:when you find the dust on the surface of collector ring (slipring) during the car cleaning and checking,after opening the window cover and dust exhausting hole cover. Then we could use cloth with gasoline to wipe the the dust and dirt. In order to ensure the normal operation of the motor, it is necessary to observe the brush spark size and the surface abrasion of the brush and the collector ring (slipring).


we could polish carefully it by crocus cloth or abrasive material ,When the surface of the collector ring(slipring) is worn or is blackened by the spark.  


The collector ring(slipring) material requires mechanical strength, good conductor of electricity and corrosion resistance. The brush of sliding contact requires the sliding contact characteristics of a certain abrasion resistance and stability.The brush should be changed according to the specification, when brush wear maintains abnormal position and pressure, or brush wear to the original height of 1/3. The new brush will be keep arc to make sure the brush is in good contact with the slipring (not less than 75% of the surface area).




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